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VicInAqua is a medium-scale focused research project that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 689427.
11 partners from 7 European and African countries aims at developing an integrated approach for water management by providing an integral, sustainable, innovative, cost effective and robust solution for water sanitation combined with the demand for clean water in aquaculture and irrigation in the Lake Victoria basin.

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Academic student exchange programme - students selected

In the frame of the VicInAqua student exchange programme, partners HsKA, ITM-CNR and UNICAL selected 10 students from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda to be involved with their research teams in Germany and Italy. These students were chosen among further strong candidatures for their relevant studies, outstanding results and excellent way of presenting. They will be integrated to the partners' research premises in May and June 2018, according to their application and area of study:

Water treatment at HsKA in Karlsruhe, Germany

Ms. Caroline Maina (Kenya), Ms. Jane Njoki Mburu (Kenya) and Mr. Mackenzie Sila (Kenya)

Renewable energy technologies at HsKA in Karlsruhe, Germany

Mr. Kennedy Kibetu (Kenya) and Ms. Prossy Mary Namulindwa (Uganda)

Water treatment/ Membrane science at ITM-CNR in Rende, Italy

Mr. Fanuel Ligate (Tanzania), Ms. Brenda Mndolwa (Tanzania) and Ms. Vane Ondiere (Kenya)

Chemistry at UNICAL in Rende, Italy

Ms. Ruth Mbabazi (Uganda) and Ms. Irene Atuko Otworot (Uganda)

The preparations for welcoming the students are ongoing. More information on the programme here.