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VicInAqua is a medium-scale focused research project that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 689427.
11 partners from 7 European and African countries aims at developing an integrated approach for water management by providing an integral, sustainable, innovative, cost effective and robust solution for water sanitation combined with the demand for clean water in aquaculture and irrigation in the Lake Victoria basin.

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Nanotech France 2018

During Nanotech France from 27th to 29th June in Paris, partner ITM-CNR (Institute on Membrane Technology, National Research Council, Italy)  presented nanotechnology solutions developed and implemented in VicInAqua: "Modeling of Polyoxometalates-based Surface Modifications: Nanoscale Interactions Controlling Macroscopic Features".

The 4th edition of the Nanotech France International Conference and Exhibition brought together leading scientists, researchers, engineers, practitioners, technology developers and policy makers in nanotechnology to exchange information on their latest reseach progress and innovation in the fields of Advanced Nanomaterials; Nanomaterials Fabrication, Characterization and Tools; Nanoscale Electronics; Nanotech for Energy and Environment; Nanotech in Life Sciences and Medicine; Nanotechnology safety; and Nano Applications.

Participants from the top international academic government and private industry labs of different disciplines participated to identify new technology trends, development tools, product opportunities, R&D collaborations, and commercialization partners. The event was also a perfect occasion for students to meet and discuss with lead researchers.