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VicInAqua is a medium-scale focused research project that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 689427.
11 partners from 7 European and African countries aims at developing an integrated approach for water management by providing an integral, sustainable, innovative, cost effective and robust solution for water sanitation combined with the demand for clean water in aquaculture and irrigation in the Lake Victoria basin.

Information sessions

Information Sessions in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda

VicInAqua partners addressed the local population to raise awareness on the environmental impact of improved sanitation, aquaculture and fisheries in form of comprehensive information campaigns. When possible, the information sessions in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda were connected to Study Visits with training sessions on site.

  • Kenya (21 November 2018, Nairobi): Due to the postponement of the Kenya Water & Sanitation Week, the VicInAqua partners organised a free information session on 21 November 2018 in Nairobi dedicated to investment, business and innovation opportunities created by water and energy challenges. Read more here.
  • Uganda (19 November 2018 in Entebbe): Partner NARO (National Agricultural Research Organization, Uganda) organised our third information session titled "The environmental impact of improved sanitation, aquaculture and fisheries". The session took place in the frame of several VicInAqua community events in Uganda: a technical training on MBR, two Round tables on Gender & Aquaculture and Water Management & Policy, as well as two Study Visits (MBR site in a fish processing plant in Ntinda, Kampala and  a RAS site for live fish marketing in Naguru, Kampala). Read more here.
  • Tanzania (5 October 2018, Dar es Salaam): Partner STIPRO (Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Research Organisation, Tanzania) organised our second information session in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, in the frame of the roundtable on "Industrialization and Energy in Tanzania: Challenges and Opportunities". The team will discuss innovative solutions proposed by VicInAqua with local stakeholders from the fish farming, (waste)water management,  renewable energy and policy sectors to raise awareness on the environmental impact of improved sanitation, aquaculture and fisheries. Read more here.
  • Kenya (16 August 2018): Partner JKUAT (Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya) presented VicInAqua solutions with focus on wastewater treatment with MBR (membrane bio-reactor) technology. After lunch break, the participants had the opportunity to join a study visit of Makindi Fish Farm. Read more here.

Information Sessions in Europe

VicInAqua partners addressed the European industry and research to raise awareness on and share experience about novel integrated water treatment solutions and RAS (recirculating aquaculture systems), smart sensors and renewable energy systems.


  • Webinar (13 May 2019): Turning water and energy challenges into opportunities - Learnings from the VicInAqua project. This webinar recorded a high interest from the participants in particular in the feed used in fish production, the materials used to produce biogas, the MBR solution as well as the maintenance needs for the RAS. The project partners were glad to give insights and further explanations on these topics. Watch the video record here.
  • Webinar (19 October 2018): Turning water and energy challenges into opportunities. Coordinator HsKA (Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, Germany) presentend our project and its latest progress together with partners ABT (AquaBioTech Group, Malta) and S2i (Steinbeis 2i GmbH, Germany). The participants had the opportunity to find out how you can exploit business and innovation opportunities created by water, energy and food challenges. More information here.
  • Mosta, Malta (31 October 2017): Partner ABT (Aquabiotech Group) gave an overall presentation of VicInAqua technologies to the aquaculture industry and research, in the frame of the COST FA1305 Training School 7 on Aquaponics. More information about this session here.



Information Session Material

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