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VicInAqua is a medium-scale focused research project that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 689427.
11 partners from 7 European and African countries aims at developing an integrated approach for water management by providing an integral, sustainable, innovative, cost effective and robust solution for water sanitation combined with the demand for clean water in aquaculture and irrigation in the Lake Victoria basin.

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VicInAqua at the 19th African Utility Week and AfriAlliance Innovation Bridge Event in Cape Town, South Africa

14-16 May 2019: S2i presented VicInAqua at this major gathering of the African energy and resources sectors

Register for our second webinar - Turning water and energy challenges into opportunities!

13 May 2019: Your next chance to learn more about VicInAqua results and discuss their implementation - innovations, lessons learnt and best practices

Attending the theme meetings and workshops of Wetsus on 18 April?

Meet Francesco Galiano of partner ITM-CNR (Italy) and learn more about the innovative self-cleaning membrane technology employed in our project!


19th Annual African Utility Week in Cape Town, South Africa on 14-16 May 2019

Meet partner Steinbeis 2i (Germany) and get the chance to discuss VicInAqua innovations and possible cooperations

High interest for our pilot site as a training and knowledge-building platform!

Study visits show the demonstration potential of our pilot for good practices in sustainable water management and fish farming

GFIA Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on 1-2 April 2019

Meet partner AquaBioTech Group (ABTG, Malta) and discuss VicInAqua innovations in sustainable agriculture!

Ugandan fish farmers, researchers and aquaculture associations representatives trained by our RAS experts

11 February 2019: Partners NARO and ABTG organised a training introducing to RAS - recirculating aquaculture systems

Discussing follow-ups for VicInAqua at Innovate 4 Water in Kisumu, Kenya

6-8 February 2019: VicInAqua was at Innovate 4 Water, a marketplace forum for sustainable solutions and innovations for Urban Water and Sanitation

How to successfully conduct operation and maintenance of an integrated site with sustainable water treatment, fish farming and irrigation

4-5 February 2019: VicInAqua training on our pilot site in Kisumu, Kenya shows how

Have your say! Working together on water and climate issues in Africa and Europe

Take part in the AfriAlliance survey until 15 Feb 2019: Networking in water and climate issues in Africa and Europe

Maltese secondary schools students discovers EU effort for sustainable aquaculture with VicInAqua

January 2019: Partner AquaBioTech Group (ABTG, Malta) invited students to their premises to showcase their innovations in the frame of VicInAqua

Meet with VicInAqua at Innovate 4 Water in Kisumu, Kenya on 6-8 February 2019 and get the chance to visit our nearby pilot site!

Focusing on innovative community-led approaches, entrepreneurship and financing possibilities for water and sanitation in Kenya

VicInAqua Technical Training on operation and maintenance in Kisumu, Kenya on 4-5 February 2019

Upgrade your knowledge of innovative water treatment, reuse & monitoring, as well as aquaculture & renewable energy technologies!

What VicInAqua offers to Uganda - and to all countries facing water scarcity for food production

Watch the detailed reportages of NBS TV about how VicInAqua contributes to the sustainable reuse of wastewater for fish farming in Lake Victoria Basin

VicInAqua Round Table on technologies for wastewater treatment and Study Visit at MUWASA facitilies in Tanzania on 7 December 2018

Discuss with partner STIPRO about solutions to improve environmental impact and discover the wastewater treatment plant of MUWASA!

VicInAqua pilot in Kisumu, Kenya successfully inaugurated

23 November 2018: High interest from policy, investment and research and a smooth start of our pilot's testing phase

Intensive two days of local capacity building and awareness raising in Entebbe, Uganda

19-20 November 2018: Thanks to all participants for the fruitful discussions towards even stronger adaptation of our pilot system to local needs!

VicInAqua Project Video now available

Get live impressions about our project and its goal!

VicInAqua Information Session in Nairobi, Kenya

21 November 2018: The VicInAqua partners came together with experts from investment, policy and services to discuss the project's innovative solutions

NARO-MAK Joint Scientifc Conference in Kampala, Uganda

12-15 November 2018: VicInAqua presented its contribution to more sustainability and gender balance in aquaculture in Lake Victoria Basin

Didn't have time to attend our webinar last 19 October?

Our presentation Turning water and energy challenges into opportunities is now available online

VicInAqua webinar - Turning water and energy challenges into opportunities (free)

19 October 2018: How water and energy innovations can emerge from global challenges

3rd European Symposium on Surface Science in Nice, France

17-19 October 2018: Get insights on VicInAqua innovations in the field of membrane material science with partner Dr. Alberto Figoli of ITM-CNR!

VicInAqua Information Session in Tanzania: Wastewater Treatment and Own Renewable Energy Supply - The Environmental Impact

5 October 2018: Great discussions about water & energy innovations with experts from fish farming, water management, renewable energy and policy!

Improved Regulatory and Economic Instruments for Water Management: First VicInAqua Round Table implemented in Kenya on 19 September 2018

Partner DALF gathered with key stakeholders from water, sanitation, environment and fisheries policy of Kisumu County

Register to our free webinar (19 October 2018) - Turning water and energy challenges into opportunities!

Learn and discuss with us how water and energy innovations can emerge from global challenges.

VicInAqua Pilot inauguration to be on 23 November 2018

The big day for our pilot in Kisumu, Kenya!

Focus (waste)water treatment and reuse, MBR, RAS: Join our community events in Entebbe, Uganda on 19-20 November 2018!

Come together with partners NARO and HsKA - two-days event gathering trainnig, information session, round table and study visit

European Researchers' Night 2018 in Calabria - SuperScienceMe: REseArCH in your REACH

28 September 2018: our Italian partners showcasing a career in science and what their researchers do for society in the frame of VicInAqua!

AQUA 2018 in Montpellier, France

25-29 August 2018: Successful show for partners AquaBioTech and Oxyguard staging sustainable and advanced aquaculture!

VicInAqua Information Session and Study Visit in Kenya: Wastewater treatment with MBR and RAS fish farm

16 August 2018 in Nairobi and Murang'a County, Kenya: participants got live insights on membrane bioreactor and recirculating aquaculture systems

Keep posted: Inauguration of the VicInAqua pilot in November 2018

As the pilot construction started, partners are planning to organise an inauguration ceremony in the frame of their next 6-monthly project meeting

The 26th National Agricultural & Trade Show in Jinja, Uganda

13-22 July 2018: partner NARO showcased VicInAqua's contribution to agricultural value chains innovation for farmer-led food security, households...

Euromembrane 2018

9-13 July in Valencia, Spain: VicInAqua solutions for nanostructures based membrane functionalization and self-cleaning, anti-biofouling membranes

VicInAqua academic student exchange programme - second round conducted in Germany

Gaining hands-on experience in water treatment, environmental science and renewable energy technologies at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences

Nanotech France 2018

27-29 June in Paris, France: Showcasing nanotechnologies developed and implemented in VicInAqua

Joint "Water For Africa" session at the EBC VII - ISEB 2018

25-28 June 2018 in Chania, Crete: VicInAqua and its sister projects showcased their first achievements for more water sustainability in Africa

Sustainable Aquaculture in Lake Victoria Basin: Kenyan Embassy representative meets VicInAqua project partner AquaBioTech

Discussing novel solutions for eco-friendly wastewater treatment and reuse in aquaculture & irrigation with involvement of local population and...

WATERSPOUTT 2nd General Assembly

21-25 May 2018 in Kampala, Uganda: Join the event of our sister project!

VicInAqua academic student exchange programme - first round conducted in Italy

Fruitful experience for students from Tanzania and Uganda and our research partners at ITM-CNR and UNICAL

2018 Sustainable Research and Innovation (SRI) Conference

2-4 May 2018 in Juja, Kenya: Discussing latest innovations in engineering with stakeholders from industry, academy, research & government agencies

VicInAqua Round Table on Gender & Aquaculture in Tanzania

16 April 2018: Empowering women in sustainable aquaculture: What are the issues? Stakeholders dicussed with partner STIPRO

Academic student exchange programme - students selected

Partners HsKA, ITM-CNR and UNICAL announced their choices, preparations for welcoming the ten students in Germany and Italy are ongoing

Helpful support from the Common Exploitation Booster

One-day workshop for the further refinement of the project exploitable results thanks to the European Commission

Academic student exchange programme - call for applications closed

Thank you for having shared and applied!

Academic student exchange programme - call for applications!

Are you an academic student from Kenya, Uganda or Tanzania? Apply to our programme to stay 2 weeks at our scientific partner institutions in Germany...

VicInAqua Training on RAS and special aspects of fish hatchery in Mwanza, Tanzania

27-28 November 2017: Explaining Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) and their benefits, in particular for applications in Lake Victora Basin

VicInAqua Training on Renewable Energy Systems for water treatment in Nairobi, Kenya

27-28 November 2017: Giving some insights on systems used in the VicInAqua concept, such as photovoltaic (PV) and biogas

First VicInAqua information session in Europe: good resonance

1 November 2017 in Mosta, Malta: Sharing knowledge and experience on VicInAqua technologies with stakeholders from aquaculture industry and research

STIPRO Annual Workshop 2017

27 October 2017 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: Dissemination of research results and progresses